My Design Board

DSCN0890I have been working on unpacking and putting together my office / craft room. I finally put together a design board and got it up on the wall. I have been thinking about making a design board for years. Here is how I made mine.

DSCN0859 I picked up 2 Styrofoam tongue and groove insulation from the local hardware store. They are about 2 ft by 4 ft.


Then I used colored duct tape along the seem on front and back side. and also put a few up and down pieces of tape on back across the seem to reinforce it.


I used Warm & Natural batting to cover the foam boards. I think I picked this up at the local Wal-Mart a few years a go when it was on sale. The board once together is about 4 ft by 4 ft so you need enough to cover width wise.

DSCN0867Then I stretched the batting width wise across the foam and stapled it to the back. The batting does not cover the top and bottom. I then used colored duct tape to seal down the batting to the back. The staples would not stay forever since they are in foam. Then I used the duct tape on the top and bottom because I planned for my board to be mobile and able to take it down and up off the wall often. It also created a nice border.


I used 2 large curtain tie backs to mount the board on. I just drilled them into the wall using a level to make sure they both were even. Then my board just sits on top of them and I can move it up and off them whenever I like.


Here is the board with some quilt blocks on it. It is about a 4 ft. by 4 ft. space. It is pretty light weight. The size works perfect for the amount of space I had to work with. I like the fact that I can take it down easily to put things on it or even bring it to another part of the house if I need to. There are several tutorials on the web if you are interested, just Google DIY design board or design wall. Ok back to unpacking the house.