Koda’s First Birthday

ZDSCN3713Our Golden Boy turned one year old today. Last year I signed up with the local golden retriever rescue in hopes to find a match for our family. It took several months of waiting then we got a call in July that there were to male puppies in need of a home. We had both pups over to the house to see which one would be a good fit for us. Both pups were beautiful. One was a little mischievous and the other one just wanted to hang with us and be loved on. We chose the lover boy and named him Koda. The name comes from the Disney character in the movie Brother Bear. Here are a few photos of his the last year.


















ZDSCN3728Here is Koda looking adorable on his birthday. I love this boy and am so thankful that he is in our lives. Cheers to another year of long walks, special treats, cuddle time, and good old fun.


2 comments on “Koda’s First Birthday

  1. Happy First Birthday Koda!!!

  2. mickcgorman says:

    That is one photogenic chap. 🙂
    Happy birthday, Koda.

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