On My Mind Mondays

Welcome to what’s on my mind. I thought I would start a little spot for me to unload some of the things that I am thinking about or into at the moment. I use this blog as a journal in a way and I thought it would be nice to look back and see what interested me. You know the whole reminiscing of remember when I was obsessed with “fill in the blank”?. Anyway here are something’s on my mind.

Kumquat-treeIt never fails this time of year when it gets super cold, I always start dreaming about gardening. I start to think about what I might plant in the spring. Unfortunately we are still renting so major gardening will not take place here. I am not going to rule out a little gardening and of course there is always container gardening. Last year I clipped out an article on Kumquat Trees and how they do well planted in pots. I have been googling these trees for several months now and learning what conditions they like and how to care for them. As soon as there is no chance of a freeze I will be scoping out local garden nurseries for one of these babies to call my own. Yes I can see it now once I have it and planted in a perfect pot looking at it everyday and hoping for it to fruit. Does anyone else think about plants like this and the future plants they might have?

Thumbnail_DA4_TeaseOk I just need to put this out there. Finally the next season of Downton Abbey started last week. This show makes me giddy. It is like an event when I watch it. I usually work on my stitching and make sure there is no outside distractions. I sit and let it evolve in front of me and think thru out how much I love this show.

alex and sierraOk occasionally I will watch the singing talent shows that come on. I started watching the last season of X Factor and was hooked from the beginning due to these two people Alex & Sierra. I love their voice combination. At first I was drawn to Alex he was text book the type that I fall for. Then after watching the two of them together you can not help but fall for the both of them. When they sing it is so genuine it gives me a feeling of right now in the moment and being a live. My favorite song they did on the show was a remake of One Directions song titled “The Best Song Ever” I love this song and at any given moment I am singing it in my head. You can find the Utube video of them singing it HERE I can not wait for them to put out an album.

Tweed - miaslandliv blogThis photo is from Mias Landliv blog. This photo makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. I have been following Mia’s blog for a long time and her photos are always breath taking. This was beauty overload for me with the cable knitted pillow in the background with the crochet blanket on the side and then the wowzer stack of tweed fabrics in the center. Seriously I had visions of my own stack of tweed fabric and all the wonderful things I would make with them. This is one of those images I will file away and someday maybe in a few months or in a few years I will be in some quilt shop or fabric store and will come across possibly a bundle of tweed or wool fabrics and I will have to have it.

Well there it is a little window into what has been twirling around inside my head. I will end this with a quote by Emerson. I do love a good quote.