5 on Friday


I thought I would link up today for the 5 on Friday. It is fun to go thru peoples list of top 5 things for Friday. Here is my number one. We found this fish made out of an old license plate and bottle caps made by a local artist down at the Charleston Market. We have been looking for art to put up in our new dental office and spotted this fish. After bringing it home I decided I wanted to keep it for the house. This guy is hanging over our dog Koda’s crate.


Turkish Figs - Nuts dot com

number two – I am hooked on these Turkish Figs I found over at nuts.com .  These are so delicious. I have been on a diet for a little over a month and these are like candy to me. I eat about one or two a day and it hits my sweet tooth and makes me happy.



number three – I snatched up some of this Halloween fabric from the Spooktacular line. They are pumpkintopia & witches brew, both in color charcoal. Not sure what I will make with them but had to have them.



number four – I came across this wrapping paper organizer found at 2littlehooligans blog. It is made out of an old bar stool. I love this craft idea. I have some serious wrapping paper issues and keeping it all neat and tidy would be lovely. Next time I am out thrifting I am going to look for a stool I can use to make one of these.



number five – Here is my daughter Chloe. She has started to sneak her way into our bedroom after we put her to bed. Obviously she was busy this night moving several of her babies into our bed before passing out.


5 on Friday - logo

Well that is my 5 on Friday. I am looking forward to the weekend. We have family in town and are planning to go to the Taste of Charleston. Feel free to post your 5 on Friday and link up to one of the blogs listed on the button ; a. liz adventure, Carolina charm, hello happiness, or the good life blog. Have a great weekend.


My Design Board

DSCN0890I have been working on unpacking and putting together my office / craft room. I finally put together a design board and got it up on the wall. I have been thinking about making a design board for years. Here is how I made mine.

DSCN0859 I picked up 2 Styrofoam tongue and groove insulation from the local hardware store. They are about 2 ft by 4 ft.


Then I used colored duct tape along the seem on front and back side. and also put a few up and down pieces of tape on back across the seem to reinforce it.


I used Warm & Natural batting to cover the foam boards. I think I picked this up at the local Wal-Mart a few years a go when it was on sale. The board once together is about 4 ft by 4 ft so you need enough to cover width wise.

DSCN0867Then I stretched the batting width wise across the foam and stapled it to the back. The batting does not cover the top and bottom. I then used colored duct tape to seal down the batting to the back. The staples would not stay forever since they are in foam. Then I used the duct tape on the top and bottom because I planned for my board to be mobile and able to take it down and up off the wall often. It also created a nice border.


I used 2 large curtain tie backs to mount the board on. I just drilled them into the wall using a level to make sure they both were even. Then my board just sits on top of them and I can move it up and off them whenever I like.


Here is the board with some quilt blocks on it. It is about a 4 ft. by 4 ft. space. It is pretty light weight. The size works perfect for the amount of space I had to work with. I like the fact that I can take it down easily to put things on it or even bring it to another part of the house if I need to. There are several tutorials on the web if you are interested, just Google DIY design board or design wall. Ok back to unpacking the house.

Happy Labor Day

DSCN0698Wishing everyone in the US a Happy Labor Day. Look how big Koda is getting. Love that face, such a handsome boy.


DSCN0755I couldn’t help but mention there is a Clematis vine in my front yard and it is blooming. I am so excited that there is some lovely plants and flowers in the yard at this rental home. I miss gardening. Looks like I will be able to get my hands dirty again and watch some flowers grow. Now I need to go web search to see if I can find the name of this particular bloom.