Squirrel Proof


Chris gifted me this lovely squirrel proof bird feeder for Christmas. I love watching birds and critters in the back yard. I placed the feeder on a shepherds hook in the back corner near the trees thinking it would get more action. This photo shows Mr. Red a lovely male cardinal that frequents the feeder. He has a female partner that is always close by. This is all great except for the squirrels that jump from the fence or the tree onto the feeder and still manage to maneuver the thing to give them some seeds.


So I moved the feeder in front of the play set and closer to my kitchen window. You can see a squirrel now under the feeder. These guys have no fear.


He is mocking me as he shimmies up this pole like a squirrel ninja. Than looks right at me thru the window and seems to say “Want a Piece of Me”.


DSCN7217The way the feeder works is once there is a bit of weight on it, the wire casing goes down and closes over the holes preventing squirrels from getting the seeds. My squirrels are smarter than that. They hang by their toes and with muscle flexing inch the wire up to grab some seeds. Oh well at least they are pretty funny to watch. Luckily the birds still get their turn at the feeder. I am looking forward to see what kind of birds come around this Spring when the weather warms up a bit.