Valentine Love

DSCN2574For Valentines Day I gave my daughter a ton of smooches and “I Love You”s and also a teddy, chocolates and cherry suckers.¬† Does Valentines day ever go like you plan it? With the ice storm and power outages this week Anything we had planned did not happen instead we just went with the flow of the day.


DSCN2587I tried a new recipe for dinner and it was delicious and easy. Hubby even said it was good and he has put it in his top 10. It is Slow cooker Moroccan Chicken. I made rice to go with it. I make my rice with chicken broth instead of water. I followed the recipe exactly and cooked it for the 4 hours on high in the crockpot. I love crockpot recipes. This recipe is from Disney Spoonful one-pot meals, found HERE,


DSCN2585Why did I bake a cake yesterday even though I was running around with a million things to do? Because my hubby was working a 12 hour day and I knew when he came home and saw the cake he would smile. I always tend to make a chocolate cake with cream cheese frosting. I used food coloring on the frosting to make it pink.


After Chris worked 12 hours he stopped off at the market and picked up some roses for me and handed them to me along with a smooch when he walked in the door. I can just picture the market in the evening with a handful of Men with a concerned look on their faces. For me it is the thought that counts. He could have come home with a piece of lint  he had found on his shirt sleeve and said it reminded him of me and I would have laughed and thanked him for the sentiment. I enjoy flowers and he knows it.

This weekend we are taking it easy with no plans but to wander around the house and stay in our comfy clothes as long as we can.


Happy Valentines Day

Hope everyone had a lovely holiday. We had several crafty and yummy things going on this week. Chloe and I spent some time making valentines out of clear contact paper and bits of cut up paper, confetti and tissue paper pieces. For each of us we left one side sticky and stuck them to the window kind of like sun catchers. For the ones we made for other people we sandwiched the stuff between two pieces of clear contact paper with a cut out paper border to define the shape. Lots of fun and easy for little kids to decorate with the cut up pieces. I made little key lime pies for the hubby and made jello stacks for Chloe in her favorite colors of purple and pink. Chris brought me home some lovely roses and took me out to dinner. Overall a wonderful holiday that we were able to spend with each other.